Power Generation

Mexican pipeline projects face months of local, legal talks to gain permits

Nov 26, 2015

Companies developing pipelines in Mexico should budget at least three to nine months to negotiate deals with landowners in order to obtain land use permits for their projects,...

PJM to shift trading windows to optimize gas plant fuel sourcing

Aug 21, 2015

PJM Interconnection plans to notify gas-fired power generators if their bids have cleared to run in the day-ahead market two and a half hours earlier than at present, according to new...

Spot gas-buying generators face volatile Northeast market without shale access

Aug 21, 2015

Gas-fired power generators not situated close to the US Northeast’s extensive shale gas supplies face feedstock challenges until pipeline builders can encourage investment in a...

Lagging pipeline build squeezes power supply market in shale-rich New England

Jul 8, 2015

New England’s limited natural gas pipeline infrastructure is pushing up peak winter electricity prices in New England to record highs, particularly for utilities that buy on a short-...

Mexico’s shift towards gas-fired power creates attractive ROI for pipeline developers

Jun 10, 2015

A new cross-border pipeline being jointly developed by US’ ONEOK and Mexico’s Fermaca will pave the way for “additional upstream-related capital projects at attractive returns,” a...

Carlos Slim’s Grupo Carso to bid in all four Mexican CFE pipeline tenders in 2015

Jun 10, 2015

Mexican conglomerate Grupo Carso plans to participate in all four tenders issued by state utility Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) in 2015 for the construction of natural gas...

Wärtsilä sees rising demand for flexible, small scale power plants

May 1, 2015

Power plant supplier Wärtsilä is seeing an increased demand for flexible small-scale power generation in the US on the back of growing renewables capacity, Mikael Backman, head US...


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