Provincial Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Programs in Canada

FC Gas Intelligence takes a look at the provincial energy efficiency and alternative energy programs in Canada

Despite its strong track record of investing in alternative fuel sources – such as hydro for example – Canada lags behind its neighbour, the US, in natural gas vehicle adoption. Experts estimate that Canada’s current position is where the US was three to five years ago in terms of market maturity.

A number of reasons have been offered for this. Canada’s inescapably challenging geography is a big factor with population concentrations near the coasts and in the south leading to an uneven distribution of natural gas supply. Alternatively, the country’s fleet managers could be suffering from ‘once bitten, twice shy’ syndrome as this is not the first time it has explored gas as a road transport fuel. Having invested once already in the late 90s, early 2000s only to see oil prices collapse and investments wiped out, caution the second time around is understandable.

To complete our series looking at the NGV Market in Canada, we've compiled a map focusing on the various energy efficiciency and alternative energy programs in the provinces of Canada.